Tute - A Quick and Simple Needlebook

All you need is:

one square from my ‘squares multi panel’

a 4” square of a coord print

a 4” x 7 1/2” square of coord

a scrap of fusible pellon

and a piece of woollen felt


Cut along the dividing lines in the panel to make one square. 


Lay right sides together with fabric and cut to match.




Stitch down one side of square – make sure your picture panel is upright and will be on the ‘front’ cover of your needlebook once opened. 


Press open and lay onto the glue side of some fusible pellon or parlan(very lightweight fusible batting) 


Trim to match and fuse with a hot iron following manufacturer’s instructions. 


Lay this piece right sides together with some backing fabric and trim to size.


Stitch around all edges with a 1/4” seam leaving a 1” opening on the bottom edge of the ‘back’ side of your needlebook (ie. not the picture panel edge). 



Trim corners and turn through the opening (nurses clamps are great for this – do you have these?– an invaluable tool). 

Slip stitch that opening closed. 


Press well and if your corners are a tad round still use a pin to carefully pull them out. 



Cut a piece of wool felt 1/2” smaller than the size of your needlebook. Use a scallop rotary cutter or pinking shears if you have them. 


Position in the centre of the inside of your book. 


Turn to the outside of the book and stitch in the ditch down the centre seam through all layers. 



Press your needlebook closed folding along the stitch line.



Tada! not a pin or measurement used – very quick and simple but a very useful needlebook. Of course they can be embellished,  edge stitched, hand quilted, add a closure of choice etc. if you wish to make yours extra special.

Now I don’t have a complete list of stores who are stocking the range but I do know of some which I have linked on my Facebook page.

BUT with every order placed with us over the next two weeks we will include three squares (or so) of the ‘squares’ fabric so you can make the first couple or something completely different. I’d love to see what you do with them.

hugs for today